UX/UI Consulting

User Experience, Visual Design, Strategy, Product Design, Web Technology, Web Technology, Agile, Jira/Github

A note about recent projects

Selected projects:
New York Magazine iPad App
AARP iPad App
1,000 Places iPad App
e-Reader OS (w/ Teague)
Device Concept UI (w/ Teague)
Airplane Seatback UI (w/ Teague)
Windows mobile widgets (w/ Teague)
Stephen Barlow Architect
TedMed Website
Boss Glass
iCircular HTML5 app
Joe Serrins Studio
Resto NYC
AP Mobile Website Concept
PepsiCo Website Concept
Pensa! Website
MaxMara Website Concept
Atema NYC Website
Richard Schultz Catalog
Richard Schultz 4"x6" Mini Catalog
Silvia Kolbowski Website
Keenen/Riley Architects Website
Diana Broussard Website
1055 Park Avenue Website
CBRE Marketing & Sales Books
Revlon ShadeFinder Website Concept
East Timor Seal of State

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